Vaynerchuk Explains Why He Saw Esports as an Investment Vehicle Years Ago

Vaynerchuk Explains Why He Saw Esports as an Investment Vehicle Years Ago

Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t just a jack-of-all-trades, he’s the king. The serial entrepreneur and five-time New York Times best-selling author with companies spanning the globe has seen his uncanny intuition, guile, and wit lead him to business success in places others feared to go.

And now, he has his sights set on esports.

This week on Conquering Geek Culture, Vaynerchuk describes to podcast host and CEO of The Esports Observer, Chris Hana, his methodology of evaluating where he will strike next. Vaynerchuk gives an immersive and detailed description of some of his tried and proven strategies in regard to where business opportunities may lie and how he is able to jump on them as quickly as he has.

“I’m always listening,” Vaynerchuk says. “And I am very rarely speaking. It’s just I’m speaking so prolifically on the internet and strategically on the volumes of output it seems like I am always talking, yet the reality is that although I might be talking for 30 minutes a day on a podcast like this, but I’m operating 15 hours a day and in that operation does come a lot of listening and observing social networks for consumer insights.”

The self-described lion says that when he gets a taste of something he likes, it’s time to eat–and esports is on the plate. Vaynerchuk tells Hana that he had decided seven years ago that esports would be “one of the biggest genres of sport” for the rest of his life. And with that decision comes a lifelong commitment to exploring the esports business space and where he fits in.

“Five, six, seven years ago I decided that esports would be one of the biggest genres of sport for the rest of my life, based on pattern recognition, based on being good at history,” Vaynerchuk said. “And once I made that decision, five or six years ago, then it became a game of, I always think of myself as an animal, a hunter. Once I decided that I am a lion and I want to eat elk, I’m going to sit in the bushes until the elk makes a mistake.”

For Vaynerchuk, that analogy manifests itself in the form of opportunity in the esports space which he has pounced on and made one of his passions.

Join Hana and Vaynerchuk for this exploratory journey of what he sees in this world of esports and if the business mogul feels he can fuel an investment engine to take him to new heights.

To hear more about what Vanderchuk believes in terms of what’s next for esports and where it may be headed, listen to the complete podcast now on Conquering Geek Culture with Chris Hana.

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