Among Us: New Map Is Coming

Among Us: New Map Is Coming

The biggest game of 2020 is about to get a new map, and all we have to go on is one image.

The social deception game might have come out in 2018 but it blew up in 2020. Thanks to its rise on Twitch, Among Us became a smash across the globe thanks to its low price point, mobile iteration and easy to understand gameplay. Now, with the Among Us 2 sequel put on hold, the developers have released the first map tease (seen above) for the game’s fourth map.

With more information due to be dropped at the Game Awards on December 10th, developer InnerSloth did release the small tease above. While we don’t know what else could be announced, we’d not be at all surprised to see the map release date announced or event dropped on that night.

As for the map, well it’s hard to say. Clearly, we’re on a ship (shocker) though this one does look pretty nice. We’re possibly looking at a large freighter style ship or maybe even a pleasure cruise. We’re sure it will be full of hiding places and fun tasks. After all, this is the first new map since the game blew up in popularity, so we’ll likely see it come with a host of quality of life improvements.

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New Among Us patch readies the game for new content

With new content comes new patches to fix some of the game’s biggest issues. While these are mostly in the realm of bug fixes, a few small changes to the comms emergency/sabotage should make it a little more user friendly.

Balance changes:

  • Comms sabotage hides task arrows
  • Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position

Bug fixes:

  • Camera flinging on security cams (fixed)
  • Inaccurate admin table on Polus (fixed)
  • Polus panels reachable through walls (fixed)
  • Temperature mini-game in Polus for iOS (fixed)
  • Solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit (fix)
  • Align engine exploit and softlock (fix)

Feature Image: InnerSloth

Published at Wed, 25 Nov 2020 05:56:42 +0000

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